Angry Birds Windows Version Released, No Need Browser

Rovio, from Helsinki famous game developer has now released the famous game, Angry Birds for Windows PCs. Previously, three weeks ago a browser-based game Angry Birds also has launched a beta version of Google Chrome Web Store.

Angry Birds for Windows PC comes in two versions: the original version and the Rio-based from the animated film set of edible bird's inside game was kidnapped and brought to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To play this game on Windows does not need another browser, it's just required to buy the game for $ 4.95 for each version.

These games can run on all versions of Windows 7 and can be accessed also by users with Windows XP Service Pack 2. Rovio is currently preparing Angry Birds Season for Windows, but is still not known when the time of its release.

Angry Birds claimed to reach 10 million total downloads of not more than 10 days of its release in both the IOS or the Android platform.

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