RIM's Situation More Gloomy, Shareholders Start Worrying

RIM's current state seems to have started to disturb the peace of the shareholders. Especially after RIM's stock price declined by 20% to below $ 28, the lowest in five years. Overall since February, RIM shares have tumbled by 60% makes it to lose billions of dollars of market value.

Due to these circumstances, some shareholders begin to sell RIM shares to reduce the losses further. According to Bloomberg, Jarisloswky Fraser is one of RIM's largest shareholders had taken off his half-RIM shares. While the other shareholders to give 6 months for RIM to fix this situation before they followed step Fraser.

A total of 14 analysts began cutting its target price of RIM's original estimate. Brian Modoff of Deutsche Bank cut the rim of the original $ 45 to just $ 28. JP Morgan cut the value of RIM from 'neutral' to 'overweight'. Generally they regretted later than RIM in updating the product portfolio to compete with Apple iPhone and Android based phones. Playbook 4G is expected to release this summer seemed to be delayed until the autumn. RIM now begin to compare the situation with Nortel Networks, one of the giants of Canadian ex went bankrupt to sell the entire company's assets. RIM accompany today is Nokia still have not been able to increase its sales as its heyday before.

Brian Modoff of Deutsche Bank also questioned why RIM was led by two people. He suggested RIM should be led by one person so I can focus more on promoting the company. Although RIM is in the hands of two men could record growth and expand their business. Seen from an increasing number of employees 3,000 people from 14,000 years ago to 17,000.

However, RIM is still able to print recorded sizable gains. At the beginning of the quarter yesterday Playbook 500,000 units have been sold, and probably will multiply if it is go to Indonesia because of the name of the Blackberry is still a guarantee of success in the homeland. RIM's global revenues also increased by 67% although for some people these values ​​are still not enough for RIM.

What is the actual decline in value of RIM's stock today? In the United States stock market, RIM shares fell $ 7.58 to $ 27.75, while in Canada RIM's stock fell $ 7.13 to $ 27.24.

Credit to Teknoup