Support of Windows Mobile will Ended July 15th

The days of glory of Windows Mobile 6.x is likely to end soon after Microsoft said it will discontinue support for OS smartphone since 15 July. Microsoft also will not accept anymore registration of new applications for devices based on Windows Mobile 6.x since that date. WinMo users can still buy the existing applications so developers can still earn revenue from applications that are already available.

Top of this plan, the developers expressed a bit disappointed and mostly feel dianaktirikan by Microsoft. Developers felt Microsoft did not make a serious effort to fix a bug in the Windows Mobile marketplace in recent months that could affect revenue from application developers of Windows Mobile are sold over the years.

Although the current Windows Mobile-based devices are still widely used, while Windows 7 Phone is still undeveloped, but apparently Microsoft has decided it was time for change. Whether this decision will be able to boost the growth of Windows Phone 7 or more and make the IOS and Android victorious? We'll wait.