Playbook Bestsellers Faster than Xoom

RIM has released on 19 April 2011 Playbook ago and within a month's Playbook has sold 250,000 units. The amount is equal to the sale of Motorola Xoom for 2 months since its launch on 24 February last. Yes, Motorola CEO Sanjay Cha on April 28, then claims to have sold 250,000 units Xoom. This means RIM is doing their work 2x better than Motorola in selling their first tablet.

RIM releases Playbook with 3 different models according to the size of its memory, 16GB, 32Gb and 64GB. Of the three models, the 64GB version is the most widely sold 84% of the model is already sold, followed by the 32GB version with 71%, and 14% of the 16GB model has been sold. 16GB model is a version of the least likely because it has sold at least as well as the memory is a problem in the software that makes RIM had to pull back 1,000 units Playbook 16GB some time ago.

Despite having a less good early reviews, it seems not discourage prospective buyers to choose Playbook tablet than other tablets. Unfortunately it did not happen to Xoom that seems difficult to attract potential buyers. This is according to analysts because the Motorola too soon release a tablet based Honeycomb when the OS is still unstable and a lot of bugs. Not to mention the sudden crash problems that still exist in the Honeycomb. Still, Google has released an update 3.1 for increased performance and capabilities Honeycomb that hopefully can make the OS more stable.