I have already been using the Dell Inspiron series for some time now and have found each model to be good with the newer ones outperforming the earlier ones in this series.

This 15.6 inch model is quite kind on the eyes as a result of large screen, very kind on the body because of its under 3kg weight in spite of higher capacity, top speed and high memory.

The spesification is:
  • Processor: Intel Pentium processor 2127U (2M Cache, 1.9GHz)
  • Display: 15.6 HD 720p WLED w/ Truelife
  • Memory: 4GB, DDR3L, 1 DIMM, 1600MHz
  • Storage (hard drive): 500GB 5400rpm HDD
  • Optical Drive: 8X CD / DVD Burner (Dual Layer DVD+/-R Drive)
  • Color: Black Matte with Textured Finish
  • Dell P/N: i15RV-954BLK
With every sort of software becoming increasingly massive, one requires the highest possible processing power even for employing a good Wordprocessor comfortably. If one is really a power-user, certain requirements are higher.

I will always be a power-user with a sizable amount of programs running on the laptop simultaneously. I find this model atisfies all my current power needs. I strongly suggest it.
So far, Lenovo has always discreet that they're developing your Android tablets. But finally the recent Lenovo officially announced they will begin selling its first android kepasaran tablets. No half-hearted, Lenovo Android 2 tablets at once issued a different segmentation, namely Tablet ThinkPad and IdeaPad K1 (previously known named LePad). Although different segments, but still complete the second Lenovo tablet with Tegra processor dual-core processor, 10.1-inch screen size, and 1GB of RAM.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

ThinkPad Tablet comes with a rectangular design and impressed Vintage. ThinkPad Tablet is equipped with a screen measuring 10.1-inch IPS 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, NVIDIA Tegra processors Dual Core 1GHz, RAM 1 GHz, and 3G connectivity (optional). Although not as thin and as light as iPad 2, but the tablet is Lenovo's got its own advantages in the areas of connectivity that is in support of a mini-HDMI port, a USB 2.0 port, and a microUSB port.

In addition to selling tablet, Lenovo has also issued a selection of accessories for the ThinkPad Tablet such as capacitive stylus ($ 30) and a keyboard dock ($ 99). ThinkPad Tablet models are available in two versions namely 16 GB version ($ 499) and 32 GB version ($ 529).

Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet K1

Unlike the ThinkPad Tablet that comes with Vintage designs, which was found to K1 IdeaPad named Lenovo LePad comes with a slightly curved design that looks fresh and more suitable for young children. Its specification looks similar to his brother that is a screen measuring 10.1-inch 1280 x 800 pixel resolution (not screen IPS), Tegra 2 processor, 1 GB of RAM, as well as mini-HDMI connectivity and a microSD slot.

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Not to mention the legal dispute with Apple is completed, the Samsung again had to accept a new problem due to demand payment of royalties by Microsoft relating to use Android in the smartphone Samsung's product lineup. Microsoft asked Samsung to pay 15 dollars for every Android phones sold to date since Android according to Microsoft has been using several patents owned by Microsoft. Not known exactly what is considered a patent has been infringed by Microsoft's Android but is expected to relate to the basic Android derived from Linux.

Prior to this Microsoft has filed a lawsuit similar to the HTC and it has managed to get the desired royalties. In addition, Microsoft also managed to get compensation for royalties from the use of Android by several other companies such as Winstron, Velocity Micro, to Itronix.

Step Microsoft's pursuit of handset makers and not Google's Android OS as the creator of this can be quite surprising. However, it seems to be Microsoft because Google is not taking advantage of the Android OS directly, whilst utilizing the Android smartphone makers to sell its production smartphones. Thus, if Microsoft sued Google then Microsoft will not receive any royalties as if through Android handset makers then Microsoft can get the royalties from sales of the Android handset.

Samsung's own objections to the requests reported royalties of $ 15 and ask for reduction in royalty payments to 10 dollars. If the calculated level of sales Galaxy S II which reaches 3 million units, the Samsung should pay a royalty of 30-45 million dollars to Microsoft. Not to mention if the calculated number of Samsung's sales of gadgets such as Android Galaxy to Galaxy. For comparison, the HTC before it has entered into a collaboration with Microsoft to pay 5 dollars for every Android handsets produced.

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Surprisingly enough, especially a laptop computer arena in the coming new competitors, namely LG. But not entirely new since the South Korean electronics manufacturer is already engaged but never absent during the last 2 years.

Why LG plans to come back again, as market conditions are still tantalizing is the answer. LG is currently already active in the television industry, monitors, computers, mobile devices, to tablets, may lose one segment of the laptop makes the LG was less fully perform its role as a top electronics manufacturing.

Laptops from LG seems to be present again at the end of this year's holiday season, or perhaps as early as August. Information on the laptop with the specifications of what will be released the LG is still a mystery until now, at least now I am a laptop user can simply say, welcome back, LG.

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RIM's current state seems to have started to disturb the peace of the shareholders. Especially after RIM's stock price declined by 20% to below $ 28, the lowest in five years. Overall since February, RIM shares have tumbled by 60% makes it to lose billions of dollars of market value.

Due to these circumstances, some shareholders begin to sell RIM shares to reduce the losses further. According to Bloomberg, Jarisloswky Fraser is one of RIM's largest shareholders had taken off his half-RIM shares. While the other shareholders to give 6 months for RIM to fix this situation before they followed step Fraser.

A total of 14 analysts began cutting its target price of RIM's original estimate. Brian Modoff of Deutsche Bank cut the rim of the original $ 45 to just $ 28. JP Morgan cut the value of RIM from 'neutral' to 'overweight'. Generally they regretted later than RIM in updating the product portfolio to compete with Apple iPhone and Android based phones. Playbook 4G is expected to release this summer seemed to be delayed until the autumn. RIM now begin to compare the situation with Nortel Networks, one of the giants of Canadian ex went bankrupt to sell the entire company's assets. RIM accompany today is Nokia still have not been able to increase its sales as its heyday before.

Brian Modoff of Deutsche Bank also questioned why RIM was led by two people. He suggested RIM should be led by one person so I can focus more on promoting the company. Although RIM is in the hands of two men could record growth and expand their business. Seen from an increasing number of employees 3,000 people from 14,000 years ago to 17,000.

However, RIM is still able to print recorded sizable gains. At the beginning of the quarter yesterday Playbook 500,000 units have been sold, and probably will multiply if it is go to Indonesia because of the name of the Blackberry is still a guarantee of success in the homeland. RIM's global revenues also increased by 67% although for some people these values ​​are still not enough for RIM.

What is the actual decline in value of RIM's stock today? In the United States stock market, RIM shares fell $ 7.58 to $ 27.75, while in Canada RIM's stock fell $ 7.13 to $ 27.24.

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An Android phones with unique design from LG seen in London, England recently. Some photos of him has also been successfully immortalized by Pocket Lint, gadget sites outside. This gadget appears at an event to the operator Orange and Kineto Wireless, so it's almost sure this phone will be visited countries in Europe and possibly America through operator T-Mobile.

Just look at its shape, this phone apparently has a sliding QWERTY keyboard in the middle there is another small screen that can accommodate 8 application shortcut. Even so there is still no detailed information about the hardware that can be delivered further. Phones that his name is still kept secret is touted as the LG Flip II but there has been no official confirmation about it.

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Microsoft has just revealed that it will install the Xbox Live service built-in on the computer in the future. This was disclosed Mike delman, vice president of global marketing for Microsoft's part interactive entertainment business unit in an interview with the Seattle Times.

Delman say that (Xbox) Live has been successfully installed in Windows Phone and will be installed on the PC. This will be a service where users can get entertainment, and not only will see the console and handheld, but will be installed also in other devices in 2012.

Delman also answer the question of how services and content will be part of Windows 8 by saying that there will be many similarities in design philosophy and services. Whether it's in Microsoft, Apple, and others, the user wishes to operate in a variety of devices within an ecosystem that can connect with good and Microsoft is currently committed to this.

When asked if Xbox Live will be a cloud-based media service that can run on Windows PCs, phones mauoun Xbox, wagon confirmed that Xbox Live will be a media services that reach all devices. He also stated that Xbox Live and SkyDrive assets will be combined and this change will be good for consumers and Microsoft.

Before it was known that this time Microsoft is trying to Silverlight applications on top of Xbos and Windows 8. The results of this experiment will be disclosed to the public during the developer conference that will be done in September. Looks like the Xbox will be an important part of an overall strategy to be implemented in addition to Microsoft because it has a brand well-known general.

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Rovio, from Helsinki famous game developer has now released the famous game, Angry Birds for Windows PCs. Previously, three weeks ago a browser-based game Angry Birds also has launched a beta version of Google Chrome Web Store.

Angry Birds for Windows PC comes in two versions: the original version and the Rio-based from the animated film set of edible bird's inside game was kidnapped and brought to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To play this game on Windows does not need another browser, it's just required to buy the game for $ 4.95 for each version.

These games can run on all versions of Windows 7 and can be accessed also by users with Windows XP Service Pack 2. Rovio is currently preparing Angry Birds Season for Windows, but is still not known when the time of its release.

Angry Birds claimed to reach 10 million total downloads of not more than 10 days of its release in both the IOS or the Android platform.

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