Nokia's Reason Selecting Windows 7 Phone More Than Android

Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop once again come forward to defend Nokia's decision to use Windows 7 Phone as their primary platform rather than choosing Android. In penampilannnya Uplinq Conference today at Qualcomm in San Diego, Elop stated: Our strategic premise at Nokia is the opportunity for third-competitive ecosystem to emerge, and that was the basis on which we will go forward. "

Although Nokia boss admits that when making Android phones, a vendor "will be joined by an ecosystem where the chances of winning bigger" differentiate existing brands is a big concern. There are so many companies have piled up there, all doing things that are interesting and innovative that would be difficult to survive in between them. "

With the help of Microsoft and Windows 7 Phone, Nokia and Elop has a chance to make something for themselves, rather than follow the Android.

Smartphone industry have been compressed from 5 major operating systems (Windows Mobile, IOS, Android, Palm, and Symbian) into 2 most dominant operating system, IOS and Android. Nokia has been throwing Symbian, new WebOS from HP is not yet entrenched, and Android already filled with top vendors are fighting over a small piece of cake, so Windows 7 Phone is Nokia answer to make something meaningful in the mobile world.

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