Microsoft Will Integrate Xbox Live on Windows 8

Microsoft has just revealed that it will install the Xbox Live service built-in on the computer in the future. This was disclosed Mike delman, vice president of global marketing for Microsoft's part interactive entertainment business unit in an interview with the Seattle Times.

Delman say that (Xbox) Live has been successfully installed in Windows Phone and will be installed on the PC. This will be a service where users can get entertainment, and not only will see the console and handheld, but will be installed also in other devices in 2012.

Delman also answer the question of how services and content will be part of Windows 8 by saying that there will be many similarities in design philosophy and services. Whether it's in Microsoft, Apple, and others, the user wishes to operate in a variety of devices within an ecosystem that can connect with good and Microsoft is currently committed to this.

When asked if Xbox Live will be a cloud-based media service that can run on Windows PCs, phones mauoun Xbox, wagon confirmed that Xbox Live will be a media services that reach all devices. He also stated that Xbox Live and SkyDrive assets will be combined and this change will be good for consumers and Microsoft.

Before it was known that this time Microsoft is trying to Silverlight applications on top of Xbos and Windows 8. The results of this experiment will be disclosed to the public during the developer conference that will be done in September. Looks like the Xbox will be an important part of an overall strategy to be implemented in addition to Microsoft because it has a brand well-known general.

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