Xperia Play Appears Again, Run Game Emulator PSP Go

PlayStation phone made by Sony Ericsson, which is also called Xperia Play was not announced at CES 2011 yesterday. Indeed the phone this time before the new rumored to be announced at the event MWC (Mobile World Congress) in 2011 started on 13 February in Barcelona.

Comparison of PSP Go with Xperia Play

The closer estimate of the announcement, rumors of more detailed specifications are also present. Despite having a similar base with your PSP game console PlayStation-Go mobile phone but have the side that does not selengkung PSP-Go. So is the screen resolution used is 854x480, 1 GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, and graphics Adreno 205, whereas PSP-Go uses only 333 MHz CPU and 64MB RAM.

Xperia Play also can play console games game emulation of the Sony PSP Go (certainly not a problem because the specification is well above the PSP-Go). Based on the report 70 & Go PSP games run smoothly through third-party emulators are tested on this phone, while other games have problems. This phone also can play the latest Android games and other games that require a high specification. Other details about the new game is described in detail in his official announcement.

Not yet known whether the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play will offer PSP game only Go or Android Xperia Play games exclusively. Just wait for the Xperia Play goes after the official announced.