Dell Announces Tablet Streak 7, Showcase 10 Inch Tablet at CES 2011

As expected, Dell finally announced the new 7 inch tablet, Dell Streak 7 at CES 2011. Dell's announcement is also almost simultaneously with the confirmation of T-Mobile on the Dell Streak 7 that would become America's first 4G tablet.

Good news or not, Dell Streak 7 was not equipped with the Android OS that is optimized for the tablet (Honeycomb) but still paired with the Android 2.2 Froyo. Fortunately, these tablets can be upgraded to the Android Honeycomb but still not known when the exact date.

Dell Streak 7 will be powered by NVIDIA Tegra CPU dual core 2. The price is still a secret, but the launch live in a matter of weeks.

Dell also showcased tablets 10 inch that will be following the present (currently lab products), this tablet is said to be business oriented. While details are still not divulged specifications.