Apple iPad 2 Announced February 1st?

Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, has provided startling statement about the rumors emergence iPad 2. Based on sources close to him and quite believable, Kevin Rose claims that the iPad 2 will be announced within 3-4 weeks, is expected on 1 February.

iPad 2 which is said to have announced higher pixel density of the iPad, though still uncertain whether or not wearing Display retina. Other features that had been known from various rumors circulating among them is the front camera, rear camera with higher resolution, thinner and lighter, has a more durable battery, 3-axis gyroscope, and a USB port. IPAD two will also support FaceTime that can be used for video chat with users of Mac, iPhone 4, 4 or iPad iPod touch second.

Usually Apple announcement and release schedule that is consistent in its products. iPhone usually released around June or July while iPod touch appears every September. Does the new product will be available in April iPad later or earlier?