Sony PSP2 Supports 3G, But Can not Call

New news about Sony's PSP2 portable game console back blows. According to the Nikkei Shinbun, the successor to the Sony PSP console will have a CPU CELL Portable, OLED screen, multi-functionality, and 3G support provided by the carrier NTT DoCoMo (Japan's largest mobile operator).

But Sony PSP2 still can not be used to make phone calls while having the support of 3G connection. 3G connection will make the device always connected to online gaming as well as to download games and movies.

In addition to 3G, this PSP2 game console systems will also have the Wireless LAN feature that makes it online when it finds a WiFi network. Not bad if do not want to spend the allocated quota granted 3G operators respectively. New processor is also rumored to have been developed to support high-resolution visuals, but still have not explained further.

Details about the new Sony PSP2 likely will be known next week, after the event 'PlayStation Meeting' done this week. Sony rumored to be announced Sony PSP2 in the near future.