Video Capabilities Comparison between LG and Nokia N8 Optimus 2X

A comparison test between Nokia N8 and LG Optimus 2X has been done by a site in Greece to determine the ability of recording from both the phone. Nokia N8 currently regarded as a best camera phone, while 2X Optimus that can record video up to 1080 HD resolution will be capable of being a competitor is considered adequate for the Nokia N8.

From the tests performed is known that the view was Optimus 2X wider than the Nokia N8 using 28mm lenses. It is surprising also that LG does not boast the ability of this camera as one of the flagship Android-based smartphone Tegra 2 dual-core.

The following pieces of 100% from the a video with the Nokia N8 sample was raised to be more easily compared. Detect any superiority of Optimus 2X though not very significant.

On the other hand the Nokia N8 seem to have advantages in terms of frame rate. This is seen from the video that looks more subtle than Optimus 2X recording results. Also note that 2X Optimus is still in pre-production stage so that it is still possible quality is better when the official release later.

In addition to the resolution and detail, the recording quality is also determined by other factors. One of the benefits of the Nokia N8 is a wide dynamic range so that the colors are richer. It is also worth noting the color balance, autofocus accuracy, to its ability to adapt to light.