LG Optimus Me P350, Android derivatives Optimus One's More Affordable?

LG has just spawned a new Android smartphone with a more affordable price. The handset is called the LG P350 Optimus Me is a derivative of the LG Optimus One with a design view for young people.

Optimus Me wearing Froyo Android 2.2 platform and is available in several variations of bright colors. This handset also features a variety of connectivity options like 3G, wifi, and GPS and a microUSB port and Bluetooth. There is also a 3MP camera on the back but it is not known video recording capabilities.

Several other key specification is not yet known as HVGA resolution LCD screen size that is installed and used by the processor and RAM. But if you see that Optimus Me has your relationship with Optimus One, estimated processor numbers are not far from the 600MHz and 512MB RAM.

It is estimated that in the near future the price and other details about this affordable smartphone will open, including availability.