LG: The launch of Windows 7 Phone Disappointing

LG has recently revealed that Windows 7 Phone performance is not as good as expected since the launch of Microsoft's latest mobile OS in October 2010. According to James Choi, one of the LG representative who spoke with Pocket-lint, the industry has high hopes for this mobile OS but from a consumer standpoint, but the result is less than expected.

LG had previously collaborated closely with Microsoft felt that the (OS) is really perfect for a large segment. Windows 7 Phone is very intuitive and easy to use, unlike the feelings of some people who consider a mobile OS, especially from Google, as a highly convoluted.

Choi believes that the simplicity of the OS is found which makes it a little boring, such as for people who understand technology. But there are also certain segment by LG is very interesting and has great potential but at this time was not as expected circumstances.

Although the condition is less encouraging, LG will continue to support Microsoft's latest OS. Choi said that from the perspective of vendors, it is advantageous to have several choices of mobile OS and is not dependent on one OS only. Similarly, the mobile operator, should have this option.

LG said that there are a lot of skepticism at this time but when it came time for the middle class and lower handset Windows 7 Phone introduced to the market then the market will grow. Currently handset WP7 exist only in high grade because the requirements demand the required hardware and this limits their development.

LG did not reveal when it will make the new Windows 7 Phone handsets. But the new LG is expected to be moving again after Microsoft issued a major update in the month of February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.