Microsoft Ask Royalties 15 Dollars for Every Smartphone Android Samsung

Not to mention the legal dispute with Apple is completed, the Samsung again had to accept a new problem due to demand payment of royalties by Microsoft relating to use Android in the smartphone Samsung's product lineup. Microsoft asked Samsung to pay 15 dollars for every Android phones sold to date since Android according to Microsoft has been using several patents owned by Microsoft. Not known exactly what is considered a patent has been infringed by Microsoft's Android but is expected to relate to the basic Android derived from Linux.

Prior to this Microsoft has filed a lawsuit similar to the HTC and it has managed to get the desired royalties. In addition, Microsoft also managed to get compensation for royalties from the use of Android by several other companies such as Winstron, Velocity Micro, to Itronix.

Step Microsoft's pursuit of handset makers and not Google's Android OS as the creator of this can be quite surprising. However, it seems to be Microsoft because Google is not taking advantage of the Android OS directly, whilst utilizing the Android smartphone makers to sell its production smartphones. Thus, if Microsoft sued Google then Microsoft will not receive any royalties as if through Android handset makers then Microsoft can get the royalties from sales of the Android handset.

Samsung's own objections to the requests reported royalties of $ 15 and ask for reduction in royalty payments to 10 dollars. If the calculated level of sales Galaxy S II which reaches 3 million units, the Samsung should pay a royalty of 30-45 million dollars to Microsoft. Not to mention if the calculated number of Samsung's sales of gadgets such as Android Galaxy to Galaxy. For comparison, the HTC before it has entered into a collaboration with Microsoft to pay 5 dollars for every Android handsets produced.

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