Microsoft Will Buy Research In Motion (RIM)

Microsoft's speculation about buying RIM this could be pushed lately after failure Playbook print surprises in the market and the company which manufactures the Blackberry announcement about plans to update its smartphone products the old version, has lowered the interest of investors.

Speculation was making strengthened by the presence of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the Annual Conference BlackBerry World for users, developers and partners held in Florida this week, RIM.

Although RIM smartphone revealed his version of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 more thinner, multi-platform solution that offered the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution, the new BlackBerry operating system, not easy to change things. In addition, a Canadian wireless telecommunications giant announced it would update its smartphone devices, especially older versions.

Analysts said Microsoft CEO's presence in the BlackBerry World conference suggests important things that will terjado in the next few months.

Analysts also said if RIM's market value - about $ 24 billion - continues to drop, and then the value of BlackBerry manufacturer will only reach U.S. $ 15 billion. In the meantime, said Harry Wang, Research Director Mobile at Parks Associates, as quoted Magazine PC, Microsoft currently pocketing cash cash of U.S. $ 48 billion, sehingganilai RIM potentially slipping to as low as U.S. $ 15 billion, would attract the attention of software companies that.

Conversely, close competitor RIM has a market value of more than U.S. $ 320 billion.

Create Microsoft this opportunity very attractive interest following the start of any change of use of desktop computers to laptops and now to smartphones and tablets. If you want to survive, Microsoft should start exploring the mobile world and this is indicated by the launch of Windows 7 Phone and cooperation with Nokia.