iPhone 4 64GB Will Come With Names Iconic Xperia

According to latest reports from retailers Verizon, Apple will release new models 4 colors white iPhone 64GB version in the near future, probably at WWDC 2011, will take place next month. This seems to answer the leaked images that had circulated earlier in March, featuring a screen-shoot with 2x the capacity of the current iPhone fourth biggest.

4 White iPhone 32GB and 64GB versions are also rumored to be launched under the name Iconic Iconic Xperia through Portal. Xperia name itself was very closely with mobile phones made ​​by Sony Ericsson, this could indicate that Apple has run out of ideas or are there other strategies of the name.

Apple still has not confirmed the leak and had circulated the picture could be fake. But see Apple never provides an additional slot for their products, of course it is highly desirable for the addition of a 32GB capacity to feel is still lacking. But do not expect much because it could have just released exclusively for the iPhone 4 Verizon output.

Due to recent Foxconn factories were damaged by explosions and fires that occur, whether this will affect production iPad iPhone 4 and 2 as a whole? Meanwhile, the iPhone 5 still believed to be still present in this year. Let's wait for more.

Credit to Teknoup.com