iPhone 3G Still More Bestsellers Than Android in USA

Android phone may just surpass the overall sales of the iPhone, but Apple apparently still has a very strong attraction for the consumer gadgets in the U.S.. Please note that Apple only has 1 type of phone are now just entering the fourth generation.

No need to compare with the iPhone 4 that dominate America's best-selling mobile phone (AT & T and Verizon) that she was only 10 months. Apple Insider reported even if the 3G iPhone sales figures were still higher than the new Android phone which was ranked top, such as HTC and Motorola Atrix Inspire. In fact about the iPhone 3G specs practically ancient compared to these two Android phones.

Android phone lower class (budget phone) is already helped Android phones gain momentum in the U.S., but Apple's strategy to offer low prices on the iPhone duration model has proven successful. iPhone 3G was first released in 2009 previously sold AT & T for $ 99 and lowered to $ 49 for two-year contract.

Apple's reputation and low prices have made the iPhone 3G High End embarrass other Android phones that AT & T also released in America. A similar strategy is applied when Apple iPad iPad 2 was released. First iPad discounted price of $ 100 and sold out in just 2 weeks.

While Android is just the devices still are divided into various versions of OS that is not yet clear when it will get the official update from the manufacturer. Apart from these factors, sales of Android phones as a whole has exceeded Apple and it seems hard to beat Apple with just 1 type of phone only. After all what good is producing a lot of phones when the lead is not sold or even create their own segmentation and market share.