iPad 3 Will Use Technology Amoled From Samsung

Rumors about the specification iPad 3 uses display technology from Samsung Amoled was already widespread. In fact just yesterday we witnessed a few weeks the feud between Apple and Samsung. As has been estimated that these rumors come make a scene fans of Apple and Samsung Fans who happened to many of the users of Android.
'Why is Samsung reducing pressure on Apple to give them the right to use Amoled Technology? "As we know that Samsung is very limited right to use Amoled technology by its competitors. Amoled technology could be said unique technology from Samsung, so feared the use of technology Amoled by the competitors will erode Samsung's own market.

'Why would Apple do such a thing? "using technology from Samsung URLs Amoled Apple lick spittle their own after a series of attacks on the subject patent to Samsung a few weeks ago. iPad tablet 2 is the king, without Amoled IPAD technology still will be a separate option for loyal fans. What makes Apple so worried and in a hurry so that according to the schedule, they will issue iPad 3, 8 months after iPad 2?

Credit to Teknoup.com