HTC Prepare Mobile Phone Mango With Camera 16 MP

HTC handset manufacturer likely will be the first Windows 7 Phone buried 16 mega pixel resolution camera after a leak prospective mobile operator T-Mobile circulating on the Internet. This phone is by French photographer will be named HTC Bresson. Full specifications of this phone has not been established other than 16mp camera with LED flash.

This phone will be released in September 2011 while wearing Mango updates or Windows Phone 7.5 as the OS default. Leaks of HTC phones with camera 16mp actually been around a long time with the appearance of ads on YouTube. According to rumors, HTC will also release two more Windows mobile phone which is HTC Prime with a QWERTY keyboard and HTC Ignite sideways a full touchscreen. For those who have not seen the ads HTC Bresson, please see the video below.