Nokia's Boss Send a Signal Will Adopt Android

Nokia is still chortled not adopt the Android OS is on the rise into the cell phone. But the final statement from the CEO of Nokia raises suspicion that the famous Finnish mobile phone manufacturer that is considering to use Android in the next product.

Stephen Elop has recently been revealed the company's plans, was conducted after receiving financial report 4th quarter 2010, which was quite disappointing. Clearly Stephen Elop said

"As an additional handset to use a good experience, we have to make, use or participate in a competitive ecosystem. Ecosystems that we choose must be comprehensive and include the benefits and services that consumers expect today and the future."
This is considered by many to signal the Nokia is considering the use of the Android OS. Could be that the ecosystem is referred to Google's mobile platform is on the rise it. But other than that Nokia might consider Windows 7 Phone when not referring to the Android.

Indeed, Nokia is also reportedly is busy preparing his new OS collaboration with Intel named MeeGo, but MeeGo not the only option. Questions will surely arise if Nokia was really going to use the Android platform for mobile phones or WP7 next, will diapakankah Symbian OS? Whether to stop its development? Let time answer.

Actually, if Symbian can still be a major attraction Nokia and give positive feedback, it seems Nokia does not have to think about to adopt the Android or not WP7.