Blackberry Playbook Starting Produced 200,000 Units Per Month

Based on a report from Digitimes, RIM has started to do the full production of tablets Playbook. Production is centered in Taiwan by Quanta with the number between 150,000 to 200,000 units per month. This figure is below initial estimates RIM production reaches one million units until March, when the global release executed.

Tablet production is conducted strictly and centered in Taiwan to avoid cloning effort of the Chinese producers. Thus, other companies could not trace the initial production / blueprint specifications of this product so that this tablet does not leak before the launch. RIM might have to increase production if the market is asking for the Quanta production capacity is still insufficient.

Blackberry Playbook will be launched first in the United States in about March continued expansion into international markets in the next month. At the time of tablet was estimated as Motorola's Android-based Honeycomb Xoom also been sliding followed iPad 2 in April.