6 Reasons to Like Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Google has launched the Android OS version 3.0 Honeycomb recently. Different from the development version of the OS before, this time presenting the appearance of the Google OS that is completely different and has been optimized for tablet devices. What makes it different and make it preferred by the consumer gadget? Here are 6 reasons to like Android Honeycomb:

  • Multitasking and Task Substitution updated: Android is not easy to see what application is running and switch to another application. With Honeycomb, the user can switch applications easily as a desktop OS such as Windows and Mac OS X. Way taps new bar icon in the system, then the user will be presented with thumbnails of all applications currently running and able to access other applications.
  • The ability of a better widget: widget that Honeycomb has supported more extended, allowing better interaction between data and users. For example, the Gmail gadget allows users to scroll through the inbox without having to run applications directly.
  • Improved Copy-Paste: Copy-Paste Function has been run on the Android version today, but it has become difficult to use especially when you want to specify the text you want copied. Copy-Paste feature in OS Honeycomb is made easier, with an arrow that is easily seen, bigger, and easier to use for determining the text. Users also are given a choice what you want done to the text that has been selected, such as copy, paste, sharing, etc. by selecting it from the Action Bar.
  • Chrome better: There are important things that are less than the Chrome browser on Android at this time, the Tab. No wonder considering the Android OS was only intended for mobile phones that have limited screen for the tab. Unlike the Honeycomb designed for tablets, the screen size becomes larger, so Chrome on Android OS Honeycomb get Tab. Still not enough, there are longer synchronize your bookmarks with Google Chrome on the PC and the incognito mode for private browsing.
  • Better notification: Notification also get a change, this time all the notification gets sent right-bottom of the screen. Notification will also include content and more information. It remains unclear whether these features will still function when Honeycomb embedded in the smart phone.
  • Improved drag-and-drop and multi-touch: There will be additional gestures and the ability to drag-and-drop. Google has demonstrated new Gmail application using it, for example, can move mail between the labels by drag-and-drop.

Android OS 3.0 devices Honeycomb tablets will soon be present in the first quarter of 2011, some of which certainly will use it is the tablet Xoom Motorola, LG G-Slate, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and ASUS Eee Pad. Sukakah you with the advantages offered by Android Honeycomb above? Or anyone wants to add, please give comments below.